The Fixin's



Carrots and onions make up the body of the sauce. They are simmered till tender and then pureed and then Habanero pepper is added. Then blended into the mustard and vinegar and my special blend of herbs and spices.
I'm Passionate about My sauce and the way it is made is part of what gives it the unique flavor that it has.
There are no preservatives and no fillers or thickeners,it is all natural. 


Wow! That's some Hot Sauce but it Tastes Really Good.

I was having a Banks Beer at Tommy's Rum shop in Holetown Barbados and there were some buns and sliced ham and cheese and a bowl of this yellow sauce.


I built up my cutter as they call these snack sandwiches and spooned some of that mustard sauce on and after my first bite it hit me, this is pretty warm sauce but it tastes really good. I was hooked and thus started my quest to have that flavor and heat without having to go to Barbados to get it.


I would buy a dozen bottles and bring them back and started giving them out to friends and the next time I would see or talk to them before I could say anything they would ask me if I had any more of that hot sauce.


So that is when I decided to make my own and make it a little better than what I had been bringing back.


Thus ROBERTS DELIGHT was born.


I started to give ROBERT'S DELIGHT out to my friends and clients and a funny thing happened. They wanted to pay me for it and that is the story in a nut shell. 


                                                              Robert M. Turner

                                                                Maker of Robert's Delight